An Irish Experience
Travel Tales Flowing from History, Humor & the Search for Home

Like nature knitted the many shades of green that blanket Ireland, inside its 224 pages, this tantalizing travelogue interweaves several strands of purpose from its primary journey of discovery, to a spiritual search for Home, to an incidental guide for traveling alone.

With Eire depicted as "a lovely Lady wearing a single strand of wedding-white pearls, one each for Dublin, Sligo, Galway, Limerick, Killarney, Cork, and Waterford," the reader travels north, west, south, and east to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the fascinating facets of a culture created by 2000 years of history amidst a geographical wonderland. And spiced with generous helpings of humor, this adventure offers an experience comprised of art and architecture, song and dance, poetry, politics, and the warm-hearted people who inhabit the Emerald Isle. As from Dublin Castle, to Yeats' Land of Heart's Desire, to the Gap of Dunloe and Reginald's Tower, the reader is immersed in day-to-day discoveries, intermixed with meeting the welcoming citizenry, as well as renowned historical and literary figures all couched in an intimate style that makes the reader a fellow traveler, and allows him or her to actually feel the true treasures and tender frailties of a foreign society, one whose enchanting charms most hopefully inspire the desire to know it even more fully by personal visit.

And more. For An Irish Experience is also a celebration of the uniqueness that is Ireland of a more simple and slower-paced way of life, graced by touches of innocence in a world growing increasingly complex and cynical. Of the need for each of us, in our own separate way, to reach in and outside ourselves in order to connect to the places and people where we live, and visit. Of the eternal question: Is there a Home? A particular place where we truly belong? Or are there only the lakes of love that the heart makes?

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